SOS panic buttons : different warning devices

Individuals, professionals, we are all concerned with the safety of our colleagues.

The SOS buttons are discreet devices that give the user the ability to send an SOS alert to warn others in the case of immediate danger to a trusted person  using GSM/GPS/GPRS technologies.

They are widely used especially for anti-aggression alarms in jewelery stores, banks or small businesses…



The Twig Embody Alert



By simply pressing the sos button, the device will enter into communication with pre-recorded numbers so that the victim can talk and warn the emergency services.
Thanks to its GPS functionality, it is posible to locate precisely the user via a Google Map link.
In case of aggression or in a dangerous situation, the person must sometimes send the alert discreetly.
This device is equipped with a unilateral unobtrusive listening mode : the device turns off the speaker mode so that the helpers can hear what happens without the attacker noticing.
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The MGB001-A

Emergency situations

This device is extremely small and can even be hidden in the pocket and uses a built in vibrator and GSM technology. .
When the user presses the red button, the panic button will send the GPS location of the user and a two way call can be made to 3 emergency numbers.
These alarm systems are used by administrations/staff such as in schools, which have been equipped following the attacks in Nice (France) in 2016.
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THE Twig Embody Alert

location of people in danger

Thanks to their built-in GPS locator feature, these alert buttons allow a fast and efficient mobile GPS location outdoors.
Indeed, during an SOS alert, the emergency services must be able to quickly identify the location of the victim in order to help him.
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