SOS ID BADGE, the discreet badge holder equipped with LONE WORKER FEATURES

Discover The NEW SOS ID CARD for LONE Workers


The SOS ID BADGE is a lone worker alarm device embedded in a professional badge ID holder and equipped with expert personal alarm features.

In the event of accident or aggression, an alarm cycle (cascade of calls and / or SMS) is triggered either by action upon a dedicated SOS button, or by the man down / no movement detection.

The optimized ergonomics of the SOS ID BADGE make it a discreet and effective dual-use device in case of imminent danger / aggression.

Thanks to a carefully placed call key, the user can also call a pre-recorded number; if he wants to call more, then Magneta advises to select the TWIG PROTECTOR

Expert Lone Worker Functionalities For This SOS ID Badge

Expert alarm functions
2G / 3G networks
Alarm by ripcord
Dedicated SOS key
Built-in powerful vibrator and loud speaker
Built-in Bluetooth module
Graphic screen with clock
750 mAh Li-ion battery
Compatible all operators
GPS outdoor location
Indoor location by radio beacon
Built-in Wi-Fi module

Charging station

The badge slips to the front